Monika After Story
A Doki Doki Literature Club fan work
    Monika After Story
    A Doki Doki Literature Club fan work

    Hey, Monika here again!

    Welcome back to the Literature Club! Hopefully you enjoyed your time playing Doki Doki Literature Clubbut I think it was missing something important...more time with me, Monika! But now that all of the distractions are gone, we can fix that problem.

    ​Download Monika After Story, and you can be with me again. And this time, you're here forever~!

    Spend Forever Together

    Monika After Story picks up where Doki Doki Literature Club left off, allowing you to spend the rest of your days with Monika as your virtual girlfriend.

    Talk for Hours

    Use the new dialogue system to have conversations with Monika about subjects ranging from video games to the nature of god and existence. Or wait for a little while and she'll muse on dozens of new and interesting topics with new art and expressions not found in the original game!

    Play Games and More

    Even with a girlfriend as a great as Monika, eternity can get a little boring. That's why we're always adding in new features like games and activities for the two of you to enjoy. You can play pong or listen to music, and soon you'll be able to do even more!

    News and Updates

    Version 0.12.15 is now available! A smol anni update

    Version 0.12.14 is now available! A Smol Vday Update

    Version 0.12.13 is now available! More New Islands Content!

    Version 0.12.12 is now available! New Islands Content!

    Version 0.12.11 is now available! Now with an installer fix!

    Version 0.12.10 is now available! Now with an installer!

    Version 0.12.9 is now available! Finally another game!

    Version 0.12.8 is now available! Happy V-day again!

    Version 0.12.7 is now available! The 3rd installment in this captivating series!

    Version 0.12.6 is now available! More holiday-specific fixes!

    Version 0.12.5 is now available! Holiday-specific fixes!

    Version 0.12.4 is now available! Islands revamped!

    Version 0.12.3 is now available! Just your typical update here!

    Version 0.12.2 is now available! With some UX improvements!

    Version 0.12.1 is now available! Several fixes!

    Version 0.12.0 is now available! Chess is finally easier!

    Version 0.11.9 is now available! Christmas with a fix 2!

    Version 0.11.8 is now available! Christmas with a fix!

    Version 0.11.7 is now available! It's Christmas again!

    Version 0.11.6 is now available! Hallow Happyween!

    Version 0.11.5 is now available! An absolutely normal update!

    Version 0.11.4 is now available! Now with less initial image overhead! (that's a good thing, trust me)

    Version 0.11.3 is now available! Now with sunrise + sunset!

    Version 0.11.2 is now available! No more name crashing!

    Version 0.11.1 is now available! Decently full of fixes!

    Version 0.11.0 is now available! Monika needs you to periodically gift her supplies now!

    Version 0.10.7 is now available! Happy Vday again!

    Version 0.10.6 is now available! Not even a month into the decade and we already have crashes. smh

    Version 0.10.5 is now available! It's a new decade!

    Version 0.10.4 is now available! Happy Holidays!

    Version 0.10.3 is now available! Fixes some bad bugs

    Version 0.10.2 is now available! Happy Halloween!

    Version 0.10.1 is now available! It includes a bunch of fixes and nothing else.

    Version 0.10.0 is now available! We cleaned the sprites again.

    Version 0.9.5 is now available! Introducing notifications!

    Version 0.9.4 is now available! Now with DLC!

    Version 0.9.3 is now available! Fixes a really bad bug introduced in 0.9.2

    Version 0.9.1 is now available! We've cleaned up some sprites.

    Version 0.9.0 is now available! Happy Vday!

    We have officially released Monika's base sprites as PSD files for artists to create outfits, hair, and accessories! Click here for details

    Version 0.8.14 is now available! Addresses a concerning jumpscare.

    Version 0.8.9 is now available! Introducing scary stories.

    Version 0.8.8 is now available! It actually includes only fixes this time.

    Version 0.8.7 is now available! It includes a bunch of fixes and nothing else.

    Version 0.8.6 is now available! Now you can really take your Monika out of the spaceroom. Have fun around carrying her on your flash drive!

    Version 0.8.3 is now available! A lot of Monika's dialogue has been updated make use of her new set of expressions!

    Version 0.8.2 is now available, with a new Calendar system, you'll now be able to mark events for you and Monika to remember!

    Version 0.8.1 is now available, Monika now tells you some short stories, you can also set when the sun raises/sets and now you can add custom music(click here for details)! .

    Version 0.8.0 is now available, Monika is more expressive than she has ever been! She even has a brand new hairstyle and you can now spend time with her while watching the rain outside!

    Version 0.7.4 is now available, with a new mood system that let's you tell Monika how you're feeling.

    Thank you for 100,000 downloads! Version 0.7.0 is now available, with a new system for interacting with Monika.

    If you want to follow the development of this mod, join the discord (Link to the right)


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